Boston Children’s Answers

For families who want to know a little bit about everything when it comes to raising healthy kids, we’re ready to help!

Join our host, Dr. Jennifer Arnold — a neonatologist, mom, and former star of the show The Little Couple as she guides us through each topic. Hear from Boston Children’s experts as they share insight and tips for navigating the common concerns parents might have when it comes to their child’s wellbeing. From injury prevention to managing chronic pain to mental health challenges, we’ve got you covered.

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  • The Sim Cafe

    Dr. Jennifer Arnold opens up to Jerrod and Deb and inspires them in ways that will warm your heart. This episode is Sponsored by Interact Solutions and Inclusive Consulting.

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  • Beyond Simulation

    Each day, all over the world, thousand​s of healthcare learners experience the power of simulation. BS-Beyond Simulation, explores the stories of the people behind these master​fully implemented simulations. Join Christine Park and Bob Kiser as they find out the REAL story of how these connoisseurs got into simulation and why they stayed! This is the "behind the music" podcast for the world of simulation.

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  • Live Inspired

    John O’Leary welcomes The Little Couple‘s Dr. Jennifer Arnold to the Live Inspired Podcast to discuss overcoming challenges.

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  • Docs With Disabilities

    In this episode, Dr. Meeks interviews New York Times best-selling author, pediatrician, and Boston Children’s Pediatric simulation center director, Dr. Jennifer Arnold.

    Together, they discuss the elevated standards placed on disabled students, the role disabled physicians play in empowering their patients, and the value of disability education in health care.

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